RuneBall - BBQ

July 13th, 2018 1440 Orchard Street Park

5:00pm - 8:00pm Golden, CO 80401

Every year after Independence Day we have our annual BBQ. We are always looking for more players to come and join the Core. We provide grill food to spectators at a price. If you choose to join in on a game you get a free food & drink. SAY WHAT ROY, that's right if you participate in a RuneBall match you qualify for free food for the duration. Each game last 30 minutes. so if you join the first game you could eat free for the next 2hrs. (while supplies last) Invite your friends, bring family members and come have a great time.

There will be a raffle for a RuneBall Merchandise Giveaway as well. 1 Ticket for showing up, and 1 ticket for every game you participate in.




The Menu

Hot Dogs $2.00

Chicken Sausages $2.50

Brats $2.50

Chips $1.00

Cookie $1.00

RuneBalls 4/ $2.00

Sports drinks $1.00

Can of Soda : $1.00

Beer : $3.00

Wine Coolers : $3.00

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