Its almost here!

Hey Everyone,

Its right around the corner. The RuneBall Tournament. I am Looking forward to it. One of those things we have been holding for a few years now.

Although, I never really think we have made it official. So this year we will have the First Official one.

Some of you new to the Sport may ask, "Why is this time so Official?"

Well that is a good question. It all comes down to this years efforts at moving RuneBall another step out there. We have a web page now, we also have banners, an official uniform per say. Business cards and the like. We have the ability to branch out and help others come and enjoy the sport. So in other words.

RuneBall, is more of an Official sport this year then it has been in the past.

Hope to see everyone out there this Saturday. Should be a lot of fun. We have arranged to have a food truck from 5 - 8pm. Cold Drinks and some good entertainment!


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