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What is RuneBall?

RuneBall is an exciting new sport that combines aspects of baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, fencing & dodge ball.

Played with two equal teams ranging from 1 - 3 players each. When played as a generic sport, there is no fencing with the Rune Swords. Or spells. If a player is struck with a sword there is a penalty against the offender and the game moves on. Targeting other players with the ball is not permitted and ball strikes do not count against you or your team. This being said, accidental contact with the ball is counted and gains the other team points. This includes but is not limited to; Kicking, throwing, or picking up the ball. Each team use Rune Swords to control and shoot the ball. Teams play for the desired time the team with the most points wins.

At its heart though RuneBall is a Final Fantasy game come to life. Large swords, intricate outfits, crazy hair, smart ass personalities, odd abilities, & powerful magic. In the Advanced rules we outline ideas on how to create a character, use spells, customize weapons and ultimately become the character that you want to be. We of course have outlined several generic characters as well that you can pick from. We can custom make weapons for you or even go over character creation with you. Let us know how we can help you create your character, and get you out on the field.

We have several different difficulty levels to challenge you through the years. Hone Your skills become your character.


A Fantasy Game?

Have ever played a Final Fantasy game? If so then you know of the combat sequences. You can have multiple characters but usually only three can enter combat at a time. Each character uses their unique skills to try and defeat the enemy in as fast a manner as possibly.


This almost always means a Defense character is needed, you know a player that no matter how hard the enemy tries they cant manage to hit them or bring down their life total.


A caster character or someone who is responsible for dealing out heavy amounts of damage through powerful spells, or gaining tactical advantages.

Oh and don't think I forgot about the warrior type, on the front line keeping the enemy at bay while his team eats away at them, this player is usually responsible for landing the final blow.

This game is more then a sport, more then a Role Playing Game or a LARP. It is a game that has been molded over time from some great influences like Final Fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering & many more.

The ability to create a character, dress as that character, act out that characters abilities in such a matter that your spell actually can cause physical damage, your sword can end a characters life, or block a powerful spell. The story that you create can be whatever you want it to be. Your imagination can truly come to life through RuneBall.

Here at RuneBall Core we use UPS to ship our products. Depending on where you are at this will effect the price of shipping. We are also very careful with our pricing around here and want to give you the most accurate price for your product. In this effort we do not set a price at $5 dollars and charge you $5.47. If the Product is marked at $5 that is what you will be charged. Shipping, sales tax, all that has already been figured into the price of your Merchandise. Then rounded up to the nearest dollar.


We are a small business and unfortunately do not have the capacity to process returns. With that in mind, we do consider our customers satisfaction a #1 priority. We will work with you as best we can to make sure you have the right product in good condition.


Please notify us ASAP after receiving your damaged, broken or incorrect Item. If you fail to notify RuneBall Corporation within 10 business days of receiving  your product, RuneBall Corporation will not be held responsible for any damage, broken or incorrect merchandise. If you simply made in impulsive buy and would like to return the item, please re-visit our Market page to purchase other impulsive items.


In the case that your item arrives and is physically not what you ordered. i.e. wrong color, size, design or product. Please email us a picture and short description of the issue to : Ketheamei@RuneBallCore.Com and we will work with you to get you the right product.

If something is delivered to you Damaged or Broken. Please email us a picture and short description of the issue to : Ketheamei@RuneBallCore.Com


We process all payments through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account we suggest you go and sign up. This great service allows you to send and receive money online without sharing banking account information. This is one of the reason we use it.


If you would like to stock up on RuneBall Merchandise to sell in your store or would like to purchase gear for a startup group please email us at Ketheamei@RuneBallCore.Com We have special pricing for large orders and are always looking to help get the game out there.


RuneBall Core does not and will not ever share your information with anybody. We keep contact information safe on the hard drive of a personal computer. Which is not connected to the internet. That is it. We will not sell information to data collection services. We use Pay Pal for all transaction so we never see or touch any of your personal banking data.

If you are concerned about our record systems and would like to know more please send us an email or give us a call.

Your information security is of the highest importance to us. Please send us an email or give us a call if you have any concerns.


For your safety, we recommend that you wear a RuneBall helmet when ordering online. You never know when a RuneBall will come out of the computer and strike you unawares. Thank you.

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