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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get started?

We would reccomend getting: - 2 RuneBall Swords - 1 RuneBall - 1 RuneBall Handbook This is all you really need to start out. If you have a larger group that wants to start together you can get a few more RuneBall swords. Generaly, you should get 1 Demon Sword & 1 Angel Sword. Keeping the amount equal that way if someone wants to use a lighter sword they can use the Angel Sword or the other way. Most games we have several RuneBalls to avoid having to retreave the ball everytime it goes out of bounds.

This game looks dangerous, what are the risks?

We get asked this question alot. The answer is simple. You are just as likely to get injured playing RuneBall as any other sport. Yes there is fencing, and a fast moving basketball. Injuries accure. Mostly when players are not paying attention. Just like in regular sports. Watching the ball is key. Knowing where other players are is important as well. Our most common injury is two players running into each other. The second most common is the ball striking an unaware or distracted player. Over the years there have been less then a dozen sword related injuries. That is less than one a year. With this said, armor, helmets & other protective appareal can be worn. The players in the videos have been playing the game for some time, and prefer not to wear protective gear. Body Armor is sold here at RuneBallCore.com along with helmets, gloves and other protective equipment. Check out our Armory for more details.

I would like to join a game, is there a beginer league?

Of Course! Every week we hold regular matches, Check the schedule to see when. At these matches we have several experienced trainers that are willing to show you the game. Once you are comfortable with the games mechanics you can play against the instructor who will coach you on techniques. Then when your ready, we will get you set up with a team and into a match. If you want more training before joining a match, we have free training at every scheduled event. Cehck out the events page or you can schedule a private season with a trainer online as well.

How old do you have to be to play?

Currently our youngest player is 6yrs old. For our Youth leagues we use the Basic set of rules. This restrics play to a simple sport. Where the main focus is controling the ball, and scoring goals. Check out our Events page for more detials on the youth league.