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Earth Spells :


When you stop and think of the earth what comes to mind? For some it is dirt, sand or rock. The cool green grass, The shade of a tall tree, chirping of birds, or the playful chatter of squirrels. The Earth is resilient, strong, never ending. Whether it is the vine that cracks through the rock to reach the sun or water near by, or the mountain that stands tall and firm against the elements. This is the powerful force you now wield.


Earth Spells may bounce on the ground or roll and still carry their effect.

Once Struck by a sword / shield the effect is dispelled. Earth Spells that deal armor damage deal no damage if the target has no armor. If a player is struck that has no armor, they take one damage for being struck by the ball. No additional damage is dealt

Strike = Earth + Energy

Strike : 3 Armor Damage

Goal : 1 Life, 1 Armor Damage to each Player

Effect : If a player has no Armor when struck they take 1 Damage

Tremor = Earth + Earth + Energy 

Strike : 2 Armor Damage, Player removed for 1 Round

Goal : 1 Life, 1 Armor Damage to each Player

Effect : If a player has no Armor when struck they take 1 Damage

Bind = Water + Earth + Energy

Strike : 1 Armor Damage, 1 Health Damage

Goal : 2 Life, All zones effected

Effect : When Struck, player is held in zone for 2 Rounds. When a Goal is made all players on the team are held in current zones.  Players of that team in Recovery must stay in recovery until Earth Bind runs it coarse or is dispelled.

Bind can be canceled by casting Inferno or Blades, or if zone is effected by Lava.

Harden = Air + Earth + Energy

Strike : 1 Damage

Goal : 1 Life

Effect : Caster of harden gains +1 Armor Point when Harden Strikes another player,

and casters team gains +1 Armor point when a goal is made. 

This cannot extend a players armor past their total number. Casting harden when when affected by Mud Slide will remove Mud Slides effects.

Lava = Fire + Earth + Energy

Strike : 2 Damage, Zone is Lava 1 Damage / Round

Goal : 2 Life, Defense Zone Is Lava 1 Damage / Round

Effect : Lava last for 3 Rounds, casting Lava removes water spells effect.


Lava can be canceled by casting Freeze or Cyclone from affected zone. Lavas effects are canceled when Flood affects the same zone. Lava cancels the effect of Bind. 

Fire Spells :

Fire, controlled chaos. The physical embodiment of pure energy. Everyone understands the power that fire represents. It takes whatever it is given and reduces it to ash, consuming it until it is no more. Yet it is the light that keeps the dark at bay and the warmth which soothes our souls. Regardless of your view, those who do not respect fire, tend to get burned.

Fire spells remove water spells effects once cast successfully.

Fire = Fire + Energy

Strike : 2 Damage

Goal : 2 Life

Effect : If a player has been struck with a Fire Bolt previously and has not cast any water spells,

they take an additional damage

Inferno = Fire + Fire + Energy

Strike : 1 Damage, Player Engulfed in fire, 1 Damage / Round

Goal : 2 Life, Defense Zone Is Engulfed 1 Damage / Round

Effect : Inferno last 2 Rounds, Casting Inferno removes the effects of Bind

Smoke = Water + Fire + Energy

Strike : 2 Health, Player is removed from play for 2 Rounds

Goal : 1 Life, Players must leave defense zone

Effect : Smoke last for 2 Rounds


Casting Burning smoke does NOT remove the effects of Earth Bind or Freeze.

FireBall = Air + Fire + Energy

Strike : 2 Health, Player is Engulfed in fire, 1 Damage / Round

Goal : 2 Life, Team is Engulfed in fire 1 Damage / Turn

Effect : Duration 3 Rounds, FireBall removes the effect of Bind

Meteor = Earth + Fire + Energy

Strike : 1 Armor, 3 Damage

Goal : 3 Life, 1 Damage to each player in defense zone

Effect : May bounce twice before striking, if a player struck has no armor

they are removed from play for 1 Round


Casting Meteor does NOT remove the effects of Earth Bind or Freeze.

Water Spells :

Everyone can imagine the sound of rain on a roof, the babbling of a small stream by a mountain path. The dripping sound of water dripping into a pool. Maybe for you, its the ocean waves moving back and forth on the shore. The thought of water as a deadly force might not cross your mind. The tranquility of water is a calming thought for most. This is also what makes it such a profound power of destruction.

Water Spells remove fire spell effects once cast successfully .

Blast = Water + Energy

Player : 2 Damage

Goal : 2 Life

Effect : Casting Blast removes the effects of Lava. If cast on a player effected by Bind,

Blast increases the duration of Bind by 1 Round.

Flood = Water + Water + Energy

Player : 2 Damage, Zone of struck player is submerged in water.

Goal : 2 Life, Defense & Attack Zones are submerged in water.

Effect : Fire Spells cannot be cast from a submerged zone. Players in a submerged zone cannot be effected by fire spells. All attacks from a submerged zone deal 1 less damage / life. Flood Last 2 rounds.

Boil = Fire + Water + Energy

Player : 2 Damage

Goal : 2 Life, 2 Damage to Defender

Effect : If cast on a player or team effected by flood damage is multiplied by 2.

Freeze = Air + Water + Energy

Player : 2 Damage, holds player in current zone

Goal : 2 Life, Holds entire team to current zones until dispelled

Effect : If cast on a player or team effected by flood, damage & duration of Freeze is multiplied by 2

Mud Slide = Earth + Water + Energy

Player : 2 Damage, Moves player back 1 zone

Goal : 2 Life, moves all players back a zone

Effect: Players effected are covered in Mud for, Duration 2 Rounds.

Players effected by mudslide cannot go to recovery.

If a players life is reduced to 0 while effected by mud they turn into a Zombie*

*Once turned into a zombie, players move into the combat zone. Zombies cannot leave the combat zone. Zombies have 1 Armor & 1 Health. Zombies change teams until destroyed. They cannot make goals. Once a zombie is destroyed, that player may return to their team’s side after recovery.

Air Spells :

When you look up what do you see, clear blue sky, puffy clouds. If you close your eyes can you feel the slight breeze move across your skin? Can you hear it moving the leaves of the trees? The air we breath, the invisible force of nature that can appear suddenly, randomly with deadly accuracy, precision, timing. Moving through whatever is in its way. Air is as mysterious as it is fast. Beware.

Blades = Air + Energy

Player : 1 Health

Goal : 1Life, 1 Health to each player.


Blades Passes through armor and effects a players Health Only. Casting Blades cancels Bind, Freeze, Inferno, & Fire Ball effects.

Cyclone = Air + Air + Energy

Strike : 0 Armor Damage, 0 Health Damage, Cyclone removes Struck Player from play for 2 Round

Goal : 1 Life, Target Player is removed from Play for 3 Rounds


Cyclone Removes status effects on players removed by its effects.

lightning = Fire + Air + Energy

Strike : 3 Health, may be divide among Players. 1 Health must be taken from Struck Player.

Goal : 1 Life, 3 Health divided among Players, Casters choice.

Lightning Passes through Armor and effects a Players Health Only.

Storm = Water + Air + Energy

Strike : 2 Damage to all players in the zone of Struck Player.  Duration = 1 Turn

Goal : 2 Life, 2 Damage / Turn to all Players in defense zone. Duration = 2 Turn


Storms effects are instant, if a player enters the zone within the turn it was struck or the turn after they are immediately effected.

Sand Storm = Earth + Air + Energy

Strike : 1 Damage to everyone in zone, Players Damaged by Sandstorm cannot cast spells. Duration = 1 Round

Goal : 2 Damage to team, Team Damaged by Sandstorm cannot cast spells. Duration = 2 Round


Energy Spells :

Sometimes, it feels like there is a lot of turmoil going on within our soul when asked to pick just one element. If this is you, maybe it's time to expand your horizons.

Energy Wave = Energy + Energy + Energy

Strike : 2 Damage

Goal : 2 Life

Force Blade = Energy + Air + Energy + Air

Strike : 1 Health, Player struck can not damage you for 2 rounds

Goal : 1 Life , 1 health damage to team 

Kinetic Sphere = Roll the ball down the flat of the Blade + Energy 

Player : 2 Damage

Goal : 2 Life

Soul Blade = Roll the ball down the flat of the Blade + Fire + Energy

Strike : 1 Health, Caster Gains 1 Health

Goal : 1 Life, Team Gains 1 Life

Once Soul Blade has been cast, the caster loses all armor. Caster has the same overall totals. Now, all are health

i.e. 5/5 Health & 3/3 Armor becomes 5/8 Health. You can not gain more life than your new total. 

Soul Harvest = Catch the Ball, toss it into the air, roll the ball down the flat of the blade + Energy (# = quantity) + Energy

Strike : gain as much life as Energy (# = Quantity)

Goal : 0 Life, Draw as much Health as Energy (# = Quantity)

In order to cast Soul Harvest you must first have cast Soul Blade. You can not deal more damage than health you can acquire. i.e. if you have 1/8 health, you can harvest 7/8 or cause 7 Health Damage. So you should only tap the Energy Rune up to 7 times. Any additional strokes will cause you damage. If you try and draw 9 when you only can draw 7 you will take the difference times 2 in damage or 2x2=4 damage. Meaning you would only gain 5. You will also only deal the 7 Health Damage you could draw. 


Blinding Light = Fire + Water + Air + Air + Energy  

Strike : 0 Damage, Player Cannot cast Spells. Duration = 3 Rounds

Goal : 0 Life, Team Cannot Cast Spells. Duration = 3 Rounds

Shadow Realm = Fire + Earth + Fire + Earth + Energy

Strike : 0 Damage, Player is removed from play for 3 rounds

Goal : 0 Life, Team may not enter combat zone. Duration = 3 Rounds

Grace = ​Fire + Air + Earth + Water + Energy

Strike : Player Struck Gains 1 Health

Goal : 0 Life, Casters Team players Gain 1 Health each

You may cast Grace into your own goal and chose a player that gains 1 Health. After player gains 1 Health, ball is turned over to opposing team.

Death Stroke = Water + Earth + Fire + Air + Energy

Strike : 4 Health, 2 Armor, Players removed from play from death stroke become Zombies.

Goal : All players take 4 HP, and 2 AC worth of Damage. All Players removed from play in this manner return as Zombies.

If you become a zombie.

Zombies cannot leave the combat zone, have 1 HP & 1 AC. Zombies change teams. They cannot score a goal. Once a Zombie is killed they can return to their original team after 3 rounds.



Spells are introduced into game play in advanced rules. These allow Characters to essentially use elemental magic to deal more damage or cause status effects to other players or the other team. This can easily change the game and turn the tides in a matter of one shot.

Spells are preformed by striking the RuneBall with select Runes on the sword. The Runes on the sword are as follows.


The Fire Rune

The Fire Rune is at the base of the sword. This is the only rune which can be cast by holding the ball on the flat of the sword or by striking it normally with the edge.

Fire Spells are cast by slowing the ball to a light bounce, then catching the ball with the rear of the sword, propel it up and in front of you and then strike.

The Earth Rune

The Earth Rune is the front of the blade from the about the Fire Rune location to the Earth Rune. The area directly in front of your hands, or the Guard.

Earth spells are genuinely cast by propelling the ball upwards and then slamming the ball down. Earth spells are not affected by the ground as other spells are. Bouncing once or twice before hitting a target does not render the status effect null, or the damage.

The Water Rune

The Water Rune right above the striking point on a blade. This is where the swords tip tappers towards the back. On a Demon Blade this area has a few spikes, the water area actually goes back about half way, but with a demon sword it is still a difficult cast.

Water spells are cast by propelling the ball into the air with the back tip of the sword and then striking it forward with the front tip.

The Air Rune

The Air Rune is located right above the handles on the back of the sword. The area goes up the back of the sword about halfway to the tip.

To start casting air, the best practice is to hold the sword by both grips. Bounce the ball higher then normal and move the sword under the ball in order for the ball to fall and strike the air location. Use an upward motion to propel the ball up and slightly in front of you to then easily strike another Rune.

Want to Know More?

Our full Rule Book is available for download on Amazon Kindle. Or for purchase as a paperback book. Please click the link below to go to to get your copy!

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